May 1st 1998

This is George Seaton signing off from full-time work on the QTL analysis applet. I go to a new post down-under, but will try to sort out the odd bug or two.

A signed version is now available with direct printing and text clipboard functionality.

The full-blown implementation of Interval mapping (Haley & Knott) has now been integrated into the applet. Take care, this method is very memory hungry.

Support for Appletviewers has switched from JDK 1.0.x to JDK 1.1.x, see the web pages for more details.

March 13th 1998

This signed version is now capable of loading user data.

If the 1.1 patch for Netscape Navigator is installed then graph printing is possible, text printing to follow soon.

February 25th 1998

For some reason the applet does not appear to be working with the Windows 95 JDK 1.02 appletviewer. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Spin controls have now been incorporated into the applet toolbar to make it easier to increment/decrement values without needing to remember to press 'Enter'.

The marker names in the map (.mrk) file are now checked against the marker names in the genotype file (if available). The number of mis-matches are reported. If sure that the mis-matches are real and not just spelling mistakes, the user can select the 'Sort Markers' option from the menu bar. The markers in the genotype file (.gen ) will be sorted to match the map file.

December 5th 1997

For those ingrates that questioned my choice of colour scheme, it is now possible to choose your own colour scheme from the preferences menu. The colours are global, so that the background colour is the same for all graphs. The range of available colours will probably depend on platform and version of browser/viewer used.

If required you can now change the axes settings manually as there is now an Axes preference menu for each graph.

November 3rd - November 12th 1997

The applet is now capable of fitting multiple QTL to the data set using a marker regression based algorithm. The RSS output for the 2 QTL case (1 Extra) is plotted as a contour plot. Dragging is now disabled as default and must be turned on from the menu bar if required (before displaying the draggable "Expected" graph).

The applet has been tested using the new 4.0x generation of browsers and does work with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator/Communicator (Windows 95 versions). As stated in the startup page there may be some hiccups getting Navigator 4.0x working with the Applet but it will work. These problems are currently being addressed by Netscape.

On loading the Applet indicates its progress by informing the user as it loads the example file set.