Hongyan Zhao

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Hongyan Zhao PhD student and mass spectrometrist

Hongyan Zhao is a PhD student and her project focuses on the development and application of FAIMS to investigate cell signaling in cancer. FAIMS offers advantages for proteomic analyses including increased signal-to-noise, reduced interference ions, and the ability to separate isobaric ions. The latter is important when studying protein phosphorylation which plays key roles in signaling. The fibroblast growth factor (FGF) pathway regulates fundamental aspects of cell development. Aberrant FGF signaling can promote tumour development by directly driving cancer cell proliferation and survival. Previous proteomics study with conventional mass spectrometry suggests that the activation of FGF signaling is closely related to the tyrosine phosphorylation events. To gain a better understanding of FGF signaling, the project combines FAIMS with tandem mass spectrometry for large scale phosphoproteomics experiments.

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