Collaborators with the Hidalgo lab   


Professor Nick Gay (PI)

Miranda Lewis (Post-Doc)

Monique Gangloff (Post-doc)

Department of Biochemistry,

University of Cambridge

Biochemistry, structural biology

Professor Ann Logan (PI)

Molecular Neuroscience, School of Clinical

and Experimental Medicine,

University of Birmingham

Mouse, mammalian glia, CNS regeneration

Dr Iain Robinson (PI)

here with Ben Sutcliffe (post-doc, now in LMB, Cambridge)

Neuroscience, Peninsula,

College of Medicine

and Dentistry, Plymouth

Drosophila electrophysiology

Dr Fumio Matsuzaki

Laboratory for Cell Asymmetry

RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology

Kobe, Japan

Mouse knockouts

Professor Charalambos P. Kyriacou

Department of Genetics

University of Leicester

BBSRC DTP West Midlands

(MIBTP) PhD programme

Dr Manuel G. Forero


Image processing, software development

Prof. Martin Heisenberg and

Dr Reinhard Wolf

University of Würzburg, Germany


Optomotor response, buridan arena,

learning and memory