Your Chance to Be Involved with the Development of eGUT - the Electronic Gut

Recently there has been an explosion of academic interest in the role that the gut has on our health. Consequently the number of animal experiments conducted to understand the role of bacterial species in the gut has risen substantially. This makes efforts to reduce or replace animal experiments urgent, and The University of Birmingham is at the forefront of these efforts. We are developing computational tools that will initially reduce mouse experiments, with the aim of replacing some of these altogether.

You Could Help Develop This Important Tool!

We're looking for volunteers to help us over the summer break. We've got lots of potential small projects that will greatly influence how eGUT develops: including small programming projects to develop the simulator, code testing projects, and production of videos and other material to let the public know what we are doing. And we're open to suggestions too!

What Do You Gain from Getting Involved?

As a charity-funded project we unfortunately can't offer payment, but we can offer:

Click Here for some suggested small projects that may be of interest to you. But we're open for suggestions if you have a particular interest!

Want To Know More?

For more information:

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