iDynoMiCS produces results in XML file format, describing the state of each species in each timestep (agent_State), a summary of the species statistics for a timepoint (agent_Sum), the state of each solute grid in each timestep (env_State) and a summary of the solutes for a timestep (env_Sum). We have recently developed iDynoR, a package for the R statistical environment that provides a means of reading iDynoMiCS result data into R, aiding statistical analysis of the simulation result.

iDynoR is availale from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN), and we recommend that iDynoR is installed directly from that repository. Installation instructions are available in the iDynoR tutorial. However, if you prefer, you can also install iDynoR from the source tarball (tar for Linux/Mac, zip for Windows) available below

Download the iDynoR Tutorial

Download the iDynoR Tutorial Data Set

Download iDynoR Source File (1.0 - Jan 2014): Windows | Linux/Mac

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