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I joined Jan's group as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in January 2013, after completing a PhD at the University of York. I was funded by the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs), and a member of the university’s Institute of Microbiology and Infection (IMI). I departed in 2014 to support the development of York Computational Immunology Laboratory.


My principal research interests lie in examining the potential that computer simulation could have in furthering our understanding of biological systems and their impact on human health. This includes looking at frameworks to capture biological information, through to creating, running, and analysing the resultant computer simulation. These simulations could then be used as tools through which initial experiments can be performed prior to any work in the wet-lab, with results of these investigations possibly forming hypotheses for examination in future experimental work. These tools could also have the potential to perform experiments which may be very difficult or impossible to perform in a lab-based environment.

My NC3R funded work at Birmingham aimed to support the recent growth of research into the how the gut microbiota affects human health, in terms of our energy uptake, nutrition, effects on obesity, and use of probiotics. In the short term the aim was to use computer simulation to reduce the number of animal experiments performed in these areas. In the longer term, there is hope that a computational tool could act as a replacement in some studies.

Previously I worked within the Centre of Immunology and Infection (CII) at the University of York, and used similar techniques to explore the development of secondary lymphoid organs in the small intestine. The large majority of this work has been published.

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My fellowship is funded by NC3R

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