Jan & Kieran Attend 7th International Yakult Symposium

Jan and Kieran attended the 7th International Yakult Symposium, held in Westminster London on the 22nd and 23rd April, and presented a poster introducing eGUT to the microbiota and probiotic community.

Over two days, speakers from across the globe delivered their latest results and hypotheses concerning the role the gut microbiota plays on the health of the host. With 300 delegates from over 40 countries, this was an important meeting to attend, and a great platform to use to introduce eGUT to the community. We presented a poster that shows the initial design of our eGUT simulator, yet noted we are open to both feedback from researchers in the field and to collaboration with researchers throughout the course of the project. We were very pleased with the amount of attention that our poster drew from attendees and the interest that many attendees showed in collaborating with us in the future. The poster which we presented can be viewed here.

Photo Credit: Nutra Ingredients.com

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