iDynoMiCS Version 1.3 Released

We are proud to release the latest update to iDynoMiCS - which includes additional simulation functionality and enhanced methods of analysis & visualisation. For a detailed description of the changes, and to download the new version, visit the iDynoMiCS 1.3 Page.

In summary, Version 1.3 builds on previous versions of iDynoMiCS in the following ways:

  • Agent classes that "age" (AgingBac, etc), as described in this paper.
  • A runnable jar version of iDynoMiCS: just double click on iDynoMiCS_v1_3.jar to launch a simulation.
  • New simulation analysis tools in Python 2, including a number of plotting scripts that use the package Matplotlib. Windows users are encouraged to install WinPython, as this includes the necessary packages. Please remember to install Python 2, not Python 3.
  • Early efforts at implementing a gene regulation solver... watch this space!
  • Small fixes and improvements to areas identified by iDynoMiCS users.

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