iDynoR R Statistical Package Released

We are proud to release our latest tool to assist users of iDynoMiCS: iDynoR. iDynoR is a package for R, the free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

iDynoMiCS produces results in XML file format, describing the state of each species in each timestep (agent_State), a summary of the species statistics for a timepoint (agent_Sum), the state of each solute grid in each timestep (env_State) and a summary of the solutes for a timestep (env_Sum). iDynoR provides a means of reading iDynoMiCS result data into R, aiding statistical analysis of the simulation result.

iDynoR is availale from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN), and we recommend that iDynoR is installed directly from that repository. A full tutorial, as well as the iDynoR source code tarballs (for those who would rather install the package from source), are available from the iDynoMiCS page of this website

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