iDynoMiCS Version 1.2 Released

We are proud to release the latest update to iDynoMiCS - which includes additional simulation functionality, enhanced methods of documentation, and improved procedures for collaboration. For a detailed description of the changes, and to download the new version, visit the iDynoMiCS 1.2 Page.

In summary, Version 1.2 builds on previous versions of iDynoMiCS in the following ways:

  • New method of species attachment - entering at the boundary layer and moving through the domain in a 'run and tumble' fashion rather than being introduced straight onto the solid surface
  • New automatic update feature - ensuring all users are aware when new versions of iDynoMiCS are released
  • Improved documentation, through a migration to doxygen code commenting
  • Enhanced procedures for collaboration - including introduction of version control, ability to submit changes to iDynoMiCS for review, an issue tracking system, and an information wiki
  • Small fixes and improvements to areas identified by iDynoMiCS users

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