About me

I joined Jan's group as a PhD student in October 2010 and have since progressed to a PostDoctoral position. I'm a mathematician by training and have built up a lot of experience in scientific computing, but the biology and chemistry is still a little overwhelming at times.

Outside the office, I'm a keen hiker and chess player.


My research focuses on the ecology and evolution of microorganisms. During my PhD, I investigated the evolutionary origin of aging (published here) and statistical tools for quantifying interspecies metabolite transfer - a form of cooperation between microbes.

Since submitting my thesis I've taken on eGUT, a project aiming to model the digestive system in silico.

Brief CV

  • September 2014 - now: Kreft Group
    PostDoctoral Research Fellow developing eGUT.
  • October 2010 - August 2014: Kreft Group
    PhD student studying ecology and evolution of microorganisms. Read my thesis here.
  • September 2005 - July 2009: MMATH Mathematics, University of Exeter
    A 4-year undergraduate Master's degree. My final project focussed on individual-based modelling of bacteria.
  • July - September 2008: Assistant Ecologist Exmoor National Park Authority
    A 3 month Shell STEP placement surveying biodiversity in hedgerows.

A more complete CV can be found here.


Clegg RJ, Dyson RJ, Kreft JU(2014). Repair rather than segregation of damage is the optimal unicellular aging strategy. BMC Biology 12: 52


eGUT is funded by NC3R

My PhD was sponsored by the Natural Environmental Research Council.

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