About me

I joined Jan’s group as a PhD student in September 2013. I obtained my undergraduate degree in biology in Turkey and master degree in environmental microbiology in USA. Currently, I am particularly interested in molecular microbiology.


My research is about the dynamics of antibiotic resistance in laboratory models of the gut from simple to complex. Antibiotic resistance in bacteria inhabiting the animal and human gut can cause health problems. I will investigate how plasmids that carry resistance genes spread into the gut. Additionally, I will examine pCURE plasmid spread in gut bacteria.

Brief CV

  • September 2013 – now: Kreft Group
    PhD student in Biosciences
  • August 2011 - August 2013: Master degree in Microbiology, University of Oklahoma, USA
    My thesis title was “Investigation of biofilms formed by Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20 wild-type and mutant cells”.
  • September 2005 – July 2009: Bachelor degree in Biology, Inonu University, Turkey


My PhD is sponsored by The Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education

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