Simulation of conjugative transfer of plasmids with different host ranges in a 2-species community using iDynoMiCS (red - donors, green and yellow - 2 different hosts, pink - broad host-range plasmid, blue - narrow host-range plasmid).

Plasmid Dynamics

Modelling the plasmid-host-environment interactions in spatially complex systems (e.g. biofilms) is a major challenge. If successful, it will allow to obtain a qualitative (and/or quantitative) understanding about the most important factors governing plasmid transfer dynamics. The individual-based model iDynoMiCS offers the perfect framework to explicitly model the impact of population structure on the individual’s characteristics which in turn may change due to phenomena like gene transfer. Specific topics in this research path include the study of plasmid's host-range evolution and its ecological significance and also the impact of fluctuating environmental conditions on plasmid transfer and maintenance. Above is an example of a frame taken at a certain point in time where the conjugative transfer of two plasmids with different host-ranges in a two species community is simulated.

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