Metabolomics Team Members

Team leader

Prof. Mark Viant
Professor of Metabolomics

Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Will Allwood
Project: Systems Science for Health initiative

Dr. Rob Davidson
Project: NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Metabolomics Node.

Dr. Gregory Genta-Jouve
Project: Biomarkers to assess possible biological effects on reproductive potential, immune function, and energetic fitness of bottlenose dolphins exposed to sounds consistent with Naval sonars (with Dr. John Reynolds, Mote Marine Laboratory).

Dr. Jaspreet Sihra
Project: NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Metabolomics Node.

Dr. Jennifer Kirwan
Project: Metabolomics Research Service, School of Biosciences.

Dr. Leda Mirbahai
Project: A Systems Biology platform for predictive ecotoxicology in Daphnia magna (with Dr. Francesco Falciani, Prof. Kevin Chipman).

Dr. Ulf Sommer
Project: NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Metabolomics Node.

Dr. Andy Southam
Project: Improving BaP therapy by rational drug screening and elucidation of the role of AKR1C3 (with Dr. Chris Bunce).

Dr. Nadine Taylor
Project: Is oxidative stress the principal mode of toxicity for metal oxide nanoparticles? (with Prof. Kevin Chipman).

Dr. Ralf Weber
Project: From Airborne Exposures to Biological Effects (FABLE): the impact of nanoparticles on health (with Prof. Kevin Chipman).

PhD students

Kate Duffy (with Dr. Helen Loney and Prof. John Newbury, University of Worcester)
University funded studentship
Project: Biomolecular archaeology of wine.

Alex Gavin (with Prof. Kevin Chipman)
NERC studentship
Project: Multi-omics approach for characterising the modes of action of nanoparticles in Daphnia magna.

Martin Jones
NERC CASE studentship (CASE supervisor: Alex Adam, Thermo Fisher)
Project: Translational biomarker research in ecotoxicology: from lab discovery to field application.

Tom White
NERC CASE studentship (CASE supervisor: Dr. Brett Lyons, Cefas)
Project: Lipidomics: A novel approach for characterising environmental stress.

Jinkang Zhang (with Prof. Kevin Chipman)
EU studentship
Project: INFLAME: Indoor Contamination with Flame Retardant Chemicals - Causes and Impacts.

Research staff

James Bradbury
Project: MUSCLE: Multi-platform Unbiased-optimisation of Spectrometry via Closed Loop Experimentation (with Dr. Shan He).