Dr Alex Dexter

Alex Dexter, mass spectrometrist

My PhD is titled, Unique Combination of MSI and SRS for Enhanced Information and Imaging Metrology.

Mass spectrometry imaging and Raman microscopy are both extremely powerful tools in imaging in pharmaceutical research. Combination of these two techniques has recently been shown to significantly improve understanding and interpretation in these two techniques. Raman microscopy can be used to probe vibrational information about a sample in between all stages of sample preparation and analysis by MSI. This will give detailed information as to the changes occurring during each of these steps and can be used to enhance the analysis of the MSI data. In addition to this the rich molecular information obtained by the MSI can be used to enhance the interpretation of the vibrational information obtained in the Raman data.

My research is aimed at developing quantitative, whole tissue, cellular and subcellular imaging by MSI and stimulated Raman spectroscopy (SRS). To develop methodologies for fusion of SRS and MSI data and perform statistical analyses using enhancements from these complimentary techniques. Then to apply these new developments to image response of tumours to novel anti-cancer based drugs.