Rian Griffiths portrait photo

My research focuses on optimising the analysis of protein species by ESI compatible surface sampling techniques such as LESA (Advion) and the flowprobe (Prosolia). Optimisation of extraction, separation and then structural characterisation of protein (and other biologically relevant species) from biological substrates such as dried blood spots and thin tissue sections is a particular focus. Parameters such as extraction solvent and sampling protocol have been optimised by each sampling procedure. Separation of molecular species extracted from biological samples has been achieved by coupling to an ultra FAIMS chip device (Owlstone, UK). Detected species have been identified via tandem MS/MS experiments e.g. CID, HCD and ETD. Data has been acquired using the following instrumentation: LTQ Orbitrap Velos/Elite (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Synapt G2S (Waters).



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